Winch Balance Valve

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Winch Balance Valve

Zoomlion Winch Balance Valve / Motor Speed Control Valve.

Used in Zoomlion Crane QY16D431.2/QY20H431.5/QY20V541/QY25V/QY30V/QY40V532.2/QY50D531.2/QY50V532.5, etc.

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Other valves with part number as below are also available, welcome to contact for quotation:

Part Number Part Description Model
1010300258  Superstructure Control Valve 4MHPCV160/320-32-00
1010300245 Superstructure Control Valve 5HPCV60-250-25B
1010301103  Variable amplitude balance valve CINDY-20-B-SND-S200-L-*-2-*250/C 
1010301054  Superstructure Control Valve QYZ-BF25L-5T
1010300100 Variable amplitude balance valve
1010301612 Variable amplitude balance valve
1010301636 Variable amplitude balance valve
1010301636  Variable amplitude balance valve
1010300230  Lifting balance valve
1010301635  Variable amplitude balance valve
1010300236  Lifting balance valve CINDY-20-B-SND-S250-L-K12-4-SVT29
1010300938  Variable amplitude balance valve
1010301633 Variable amplitude balance valve
1010301632 Variable amplitude balance valve
1010300235  Lifting balance valve
1010300504  Variable amplitude balance valve CINDY-20-B-SND-S300-L-R6-2-52-SVZ
1010303493  Telescopic balancing valve ZYPHY-H28R-0 
1010301059 Superstructure Control Valve XCZFS-F20L-4T
1010300095  Balance valve  CCBH60/130-4.5/7G 
1010300371 Hoist brake hydraulic control valve BJ-1-300-00 
1010300371 Hoist brake hydraulic control valve BJ-1-300-00 
1010300194  Balance valve CCBH140/200K-A 
1010300311  Chassis Control Valve DL-8B 
803000074 Balance valve CCBH140/200-2/4.5K  
1010300348 Chassis Control Valve DL-8P-A
1010300357 Chassis Control Valve DL-8P-2W
1010300410  Plug-in balancing valve CCBH53001
1010300377  Plug-in balancing valve CCBH140/200/4.5
1010301047 Balance valve XCPHY-G25L-0
1010300953 Ball type electromagnetic reversing valve 23QDF6B/315E24 
1010300377 Plug-in balancing valve CCBH140/200/4.5
1010301759 Electromagnetic reversing valve 4WE6D61B 
6332300078 Two-way Hydraulic Lock Q2-12C-18-0 
11010010 Two-way Hydraulic Lock
1030300021 Preselected valve assembly A-5010-23 
1010300206  Balance valve PHY-G15L-A
1010301041  Balance valve CCBH140/200K-L 
1070500080 Five-way solenoid valve GST1500101 
1070500080 Five-way solenoid valve GST1500101 
1079800132 Four loop protection valve 35150080500
1000400090  Flameout Solenoid Valve  D59-105-12R
 Balance valve SND-S150-A-D6-15-SVA100 

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